Django Vs Flask – Python Frameworks Comparison

Today, Python is the most popular coding language in the world. It’s right that with the improvement of technology, the recent trends in the IT world have been emerging a lot. In order to excel in the industry, it is important to learn the high-level Python Web framework, which encourages rapid development and pragmatic design. The robust and approachable framework helps to focus on writing apps instead of redesigning. Django and Flask is the popular web development framework used in all tech stacks such as Instagram and Spotify. Here let us discuss the difference between the Django and Flask Python Framework and why these two frameworks are so prolific in the developer community. 

What is Django?

Django is a full-stack open-source framework that was built in 2003. It was released in 2005 and maintained by the non-profit Django Software Foundation since 2008. Most of the python developers declared that it was their most favourite framework. Today, Google, Youtube and NASA are using Django as part of their tech stack. Django is the framework for perfectionists. It uses the don’t repeat yourself principle, which helps to program innovatively. Django is a free and open-source framework that helps you build Web apps easier.

What is Flask?

Flask is a younger framework which was developed in 2010. Already, Django is a staple among the Python community. As referred to as a microframework, Flask is a lightweight solution. This does not mean that it is not powerful. 

Flask framework depends on a Python web template engine and Werkzeug, a utility library and Jinga 2. As Django provides out of the box support for several databases, Flask doesn’t foresee how data has been stored. The development team decides whether to use Django or Flask. 

Django vs Flask – A Comparison of Python Frameworks

When looked for the needs of the several aspects such as:

  • How easy the framework to learn
  • Duration takes to set up and implement within a team
  • Based on the ongoing project, how it has been running

A popular saying among the python community is that the Flask framework is easy to learn. Some express their opinion, but your end goal might be to learn and use Django. Flask is worth taking. While you are learning python certification, you will explore these frameworks, and by practising real-time projects, you can easily enhance your skills. Django is a powerful framework, where many developers can’t imagine working without it. Django understands settings, installation and the feature responsible for the action. On the other hand, you can automate it easier and save a lot of time. Both frameworks are easy to use, flexible, support several databases and provide as much security. 

Summing It Up

When you compare both frameworks, Django vs Flask, both are beneficial in different ways. You get to know that Django is the personal winner. However, it is best to learn Flask. When you enrol in the right institute, you will get to learn both frameworks in an interactive way and be familiar with them. With confidence, you can apply the right framework for your project needs. 

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