Introduction to WebElement Commands

Introduction to Web Element Commands

The basic building blocks of any website are known as web elements. They are called Selenium Web Elements and are present in all HTML documents. It contains HTML codes to access all of them using Selenium. A start tag and an end tag separate each of these components. Your content may appear in between these tags. Once you have identified these web elements in the HTML document, you can also perform multiple verifications using the techniques in selenium commands. Read on to discover more about web element commands:

What is a web element command?

Here, Selenium Web Element Commands are the methods that work with most DOM elements on a webpage. When the web elements are accessed, they are represented by the Web Element Interfaces. Here Selenium uses to interact with both visible and invisible web page elements. Web Elements commands function similarly to Web Drivers, either finding the part being searched for or returning null or void. Opt for the best Selenium automation testing course where you get to know more about Selenium.

List of commands

Through this Web element Interface, it is possible to transfer any helpful information within the pages. Every web driver method returns something data or returns void, which indicates return nothing. Web drivers find both the Element command returns and the Web element similarly.       

Another thing to remember is that a web element can be any type, including text, links, radio buttons, drop-down menus, web tables, and other HTML elements. But regardless of whether an action is valid on a Web Element, it will always populate against any element. Now let’s explore the list of commands:

Sendkeys() command

The send keys are the sequence keys to send. While running tests, there may be a need for some of the input fields to enter specific material automatically. Here, after locating the input web element utilizing locating techniques like id, name, class name, etc., you can use the send keys() command to complete these types of tasks.

This command works on text entry components like Input and Text area even if the text, in this case, is supposed to be a CharSequence.


//Send value directly to the WebElement


isSelected() command

Consider your web page contains the entire web elements, including radio buttons, selecting options, checkboxes, and menu items. It is essential to understand whether the required elements are chosen or not. That is what the isSelected command accomplishes. If a particular element is selected, it returns true, or otherwise, it will return as false.


WebElement element = driver.findElement(“Gender”)); 

boolean status = element.isSelected(); 

The code mentioned earlier can be simplified as follows: 

boolean status = driver.findElement(“Gender”)).isSelected();

Click Command

The most frequent way to interact with online elements, including text elements, links, radio boxes, and many more, is done via clicking. Since clicking on links typically results in the loading of a new page. 


WebElement element = driver.findElement(By.linkText(“ToolsQA”));;  

Or can be written as 


getLocation() command

Any web element that is provided and located on the page is returned by this particular command. This produces a point object and does not require any parameters. Thus, it is possible to obtain the x and y coordinates simultaneously.


WebElement element = driver.findElement(“UserName”)); 

 Point location = element.getLocation(); 

 System.out.println(“X coordinate: ” + point.x + “Y coordinate: ” + point.y);

IsDisplayed() command

The isDisplayed() command can be used to determine only when a specific element is present and shown. If the value is displayed, a true value is returned, or a No Such Element Found exception will be issued. 


//Isolate the WebElement 

 WebElement element = driver.findElement(“UserName”)); 

 boolean status = element.isDisplayed(); //

You can shorten the above code as well 

boolean status = driver.findElement(“UserName”)).isDisplayed();

Ending Thoughts

Now you may learn the Selenium testing courses in online. Hope this post has helped you to learn about commands of web elements. Enroll to this Selenium testing course and become a skilled developer in Selenium.

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