Is tableau certification hard?

Is Tableau Certification Hard?

Granting yourself a tableau certification is the best way to kick start your analytical career. Tableau is a widely accepted data visualization platform that harvests high qualified individuals in business intelligence. Gaining a professional certification is like getting a gold star on your resume. A person qualified in tableau credits higher than the average candidate.

Furthermore, acquiring the tableau certification polishes your existing skills and sets a precedent for future accomplishment. A tableau certification revolves more around performance-based testing rather than theory. Since the certification makes real-life scenarios so vivid, the certificate holders develop a skill set higher than that of their peers.

A tableau-certified individual opens up various job titles for himself, to say the least. The certificate brings about an imminent boost in the job offers and salary of the candidates. The time period of the certification is like spending a summer camp in an exotic place. You learn so many analytical tools in the term of a few months.

The difficulty level surrounding a tableau certification 

The first concern tableau students display after taking the course is regarding the difficulty level. Like all difficult things, the tableau certificate entails a lot of effort and intense study hours however the fruit of success is a short step away after this exertion. As long as tableau beginners follow the instructions set in the course clearly, the exam will be a piece of cake for them.

Simply cramming the concepts will not be enough in this course, you must validate the concepts through practice. Consistent practice and determination will not make the test harder than it is. The tableau course demands two hours for a week or so. After a week you will become confident within your skills and take the test without any fear.

Additionally, data visualization becomes a treat for tableau students for the rest of their life. The start of tableau certification pertains to certain steps. The process only begins when the individual installs a tableau on their computer.

Steps included in the tableau training  

The tableau training begins with a clear understanding of data visualization. A data analyst must easily simplify and visualize data at the earliest. The first step in the tableau course is to install and download the tableau software. The software comes with a 14-day trial option that most beginners avail. This trial period enhances the abilities of tableau students immediately.

Tableau is further available with its annual subscription however this option is only available for a single user. Following successful training programs shall polish the skills of the trainees. Many online training programs are available online for tableau beginners. The third step in tableau training involves combining data with the platform. Consistent practice and formal studies will sharpen your analytical skills.

The tableau desktop specialist certification test lasts for 60 minutes and follows an MCQ format. Achieving more than 70% in the exam will secure your position as a data analyst. The prominent part about this certification is that it does not require any preset of skills. You can follow this certification even if you are a student or a job seeker. This allows candidates of all backgrounds to benefit from the training course.  

Career options available after gaining certification 

The most popular job titles you can expect to hear after completing your certifications is that of a data and business intelligence analyst. Apart from this a BI developer and analytics manager earn a proficient amount. Preparing for this exam enables you to create vizzes without any complications. Once you set your mind on gaining a tableau certification, the path to all other analytics consultancy opens up considerably.   

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