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What are the career options for a certified java individual?

Java is the object-oriented programming language that is widely used in all developing technologies. If you are well skilled in java programming, you have a wide range of job roles to work in the organizations. Once you are done with your online java certification training, you can find huge opportunities to shine up. There are many roles for java skilled individuals in the industry. Here are some career options for certified individuals for your reference. 

Junior programmer

Junior programmers are responsible for the coding, debugging, reviewing coding, and technical documentation. You will start as a junior programmer and remain in the job for four years. You can increase your earnings by focusing on java programming courses that include professional java SE8 programmer courses and oracle certified associates. 

DevOps engineer

There is no ideal way to become a DevOps engineer. There are some new opportunities available for experienced developers. They are developers interested in deployment and network operations with a passion for scripting, coding, managing the environment, automation, improving overall structure, and moving into the development side to improve the plan of testing and deployment.

Solution architect

A solution architect is the one who is responsible for the design of one or more applications or services within an organization. They must have both technical and business skills and often work with an enterprise architect for strategic direction. The functional analyst creates the requirements translated by the solution architect into architecture for that solution and describing it through architecture and design artifacts. A good solution architect must understand fundamentals like data structure and algorithms, design patterns, and system designs.

Business analyst

java certification training

Business analysts are responsible for creating new designs or modifications of IT systems or business systems. They gather documents and analyze the business requirements and needs. Business analyst communicates directly with the organization team and business stakeholders to understand their problems and needs. They should convert technical jargon into more user-friendly terms for management and non-technical stakeholders

Project manager

The project manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of the project. This management is based on six aspects of a project: scope, risk, quality, resources, schedule, and finance. The primary job of a project manager is to plan, oversee, budget, and document all aspects of the specific project.

Android development 

Android development is based on the java programming language. If you are familiar with the android platform, you can label yourself as an android developer. By using this label, you can increase your opportunities as a developer overnight. You can also become an embedded device developer where your java coding ideas with items such as network appliances, entertainment centers, and routers within the equipment. 

Final thoughts

It is important to choose the right career options based upon your unique skill set because becoming a project manager or developer without having those skills could be frustrating at times. So choose the right role that best suits your talent. 

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